SMSP is operated by young entrepreneur and is supported by skilled, friendly and honest Sales Technician. These people are the framework of the continued success of the company.

The business started on year 2007 as a small loan services with her friends within the Electronics Company where the owner is working for. Due to economic crisis in year 2008, she was decided to put up a business that can provide financial services to others with reasonable interest rate. Initially she used credit card as source of capital for loan, the bank charged her at 3.5% interest and she loan it to her friends at 6% interest and due to her good credit standing, the bank increased her credit card limit and offered a loan with lower interest rate. And that was the start to put up the business.

Since lending business has so many requirements to process, she then decided to switch to Pawnshop business. As a full time employee and doing part-time business after office hours, the owner’s goal is to establish the business without quitting her current job.

After 3 years of successful operation, she then decided to quit her work for 14 years service as Quality Assurance Supervisor to give focus on her business.

Aside from her existing pawnshop business, she observed that most customers are now into gadgets than jewelries. So she decided to open a business to cater customers who have only gadgets and other valuable items, this is to provide alternative sources of their financial needs, the business is offering to buy their gadgets with the option to repurchase or buyback the items on the specified date and price as agreed by the seller.  SMSP Gadget Phone shop officially opened last May 1, 2012. To date, SMSP have 5 branches and still counting, a fast emerging competitive player and will be soon nationwide.

Their main branch is strategically situated at Prince Arcade, National Highway, Barangay Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna fronting the JAM Liner bus terminal.